Brief presentations


Maximizing Model Accuracy in Real-time and Iterative Machine Learning
Rui Han, Fan Zhang, Lydia Y. Chen and Jianfeng Zhan

Isochronous Execution Models for Mixed-Criticality Systems on Parallel Processors
Bader Alahmad and Sathish Gopalakrishnan

An Analysis of the Impact of Dependencies on Probabilistic Timing Analysis and Task Scheduling
Enrico Mezzetti, Jaume Abella, Carles Hernandez and Francisco Cazorla

Design-Space Exploration of Multi-core Processors for Safety-Critical Real-Time Systems
Dolly Sapra and Sebastian Altmeyer

TTI: A Timing ISA Supporting Logical Execution Time Model in Safety-critical Systems
Bo Wan, Xi Li, Haizhao Luo, Chao Wang, Xianglan Chen and Xuehai Zhou

Networked Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles with Acoustic and Radio Frequency Hybrid Communication
Mehrullah Soomro, saeed Nourizadeh Azar, Ozgur Gurbuz and Ahmet Onat

RT-CASEs: Real-Time Containers for large-scale mixed-criticality systems
Marcello Cinque and Gianmaria De Tommasi

Adaptive scheduling with approximate computing for audio graphs
Pierre Donat-Bouillud and Christoph Kirsch

A Flexible Router Architecture for 3D NoCs
Mostafa Abdelrehim, Mostafa Khamis and Ahmed Shalaby

Best-case response time analysis for Ethernet AVB
Hector Joao Rivera Verduzco, Pieter J.L. Cuijpers and Jingyue Cao

Dealing with Aperiodic Tasks on Quasi-Partition Scheduling
Flávia Nascimento, George Lima and Ernesto Massa

Cache-Aware Partitioned EDF Scheduling for Multi-Core Real-Time Systems
Zhishan Guo, Ying Zhang and Zhenkai Zhang

Toward a Coq-certified Tool for the Schedulability Analysis of Tasks with Offsets
Xiaojie Guo, Sophie Quinton, Pascal Fradet and Jean-François Monin

Journal papers never presented in conferences

Hard Real-Time Guarantees in Feedback-based Resource Reservations
Alessandro Vittorio Papadopoulos, Martina Maggio, Alberto Leva and Enrico Bini

The Quadratic Utilization Upper Bound for Arbitrary Deadline Real-Time Tasks
Enrico Bini

Measurement-Based Worst-Case Execution Time Estimation Using the Coefficient of Variation
Jaume Abella, Maria Padilla, Joan Del Castillo and Francisco Cazorla

Provably Good Task Assignment for Two-type Heterogeneous Multiprocessors using Cutting Planes
Bjorn Andersson and Gurulingesh Raravi

Symbolic WCET Computation
Clément Ballabriga, Julien Forget and Giuseppe Lipari

Schedulability Analysis of Ethernet Audio Video Bridging Networks with Scheduled Traffic Support
Mohammad Ashjaei, Gaetano Patti, Moris Behnam, Lucia Lo Bello and Thomas Nolte

An Efficient Schedulability Analysis for Optimizing Systems with Adaptive Mixed-Criticality Scheduling
Yecheng Zhao and Haibo Zeng

Dynamic Active Log Pool for Improving Worst-case Performance of Memory Cards
Ilhoon Shin

On the Compatibility of Exact Schedulability Tests for Global Fixed Priority Pre-emptive Scheduling with Audsley’s Optimal Priority Assignment Algorithm
Robert Davis, Marko Bertogna and Vincenzo Bonifaci