Call for Papers

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Scope of the conference

The IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS) is the premier conference in the area of real-time systems, presenting innovations in the field with respect to theory and practice. RTSS provides a forum for the presentation of high-quality, original research covering all aspects of real-time systems theory, design, analysis, implementation, evaluation, and experiences. RTSS’17 continues the trend of making RTSS an expansive and inclusive symposium, looking to embrace new and emerging areas of realtime systems research.

RTSS’17 welcomes submissions in all areas of real-time systems, including but not limited to operating systems, networks, middleware, compilers, tools, modeling, scheduling, QoS support, resource management, testing and debugging, design and verification, hardware/software co-design, fault tolerance, security, power and thermal management, embedded platforms, and system experimentation and deployment experiences.

In addition to the main real-time track, we will continue the successful format of previous years with three specialized tracks:

  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • HW-SW integration and system level design
  • Internet of Things

Details of each track can be found in the Track Descriptions.

Although authors will choose which tracks to submit papers to, a paper may be redirected to a more appropriate track. All papers will appear in the main program and proceedings. Papers in all tracks must address topics related to real-time systems.

Selected accepted papers will be invited to submit an extension of their work to special issues of IEEE TC, ACM TCPS, or ACM ToSN, depending on their quality, track, and suitability for the respective journal.

Paper Submission Guidelines

All papers must be submitted electronically in PDF format, following the IEEE conference proceedings format (10pt font size) and must describe original work not previously published or concurrently. The main body of each submitted paper is limited to 10 pages (including references). Additionally, each submission may include an optional appendix with supplemental material that will be read at the discretion of the program committee; this appendix is limited to two pages (for 12 pages total). Authors of accepted papers that exceed 10 pages (due to the inclusion of an optional appendix) will be required to pay a fee for each page beyond the tenth. Submissions (including the optional appendix) must be formatted according to IEEE conference paper guidelines.

Submissions can be made using Softconf at:

Conflict of Interest (COI)

You will be asked to flag any COI you may have with a PC member during submission. A COI exists if any of the following conditions hold:

  • You have collaborated/published/proposed work together within the past 2 years (with the exclusion of co-editor relations);
  • you have been employed by the same institution within the past 5 years;
  • you have received money (e.g., a honorarium) from this person in the past 2 years (note: a reimbursement is not a honorarium);
  • you are the PhD adviser of this person or the person was one of your PhD students;
  • you have a personal conflict, e.g., close friends/relative etc., or feel that your judgment is biased (for whatever reason) toward this person.