Industrial panel

Multicore Architectures in the Automotive Industry: Existing
Solutions, Current Problems and Future Challenges

Organizer: Sophie Quinton, INRIA Grenoble РRh̫ne Alpes


The increasing need for computing power from automotive applications has made the shift to multicore architectures unavoidable for this application domain. This represents a major change, not least because predictability is particularly hard to achieve in multicore systems, and this problem cannot be solved without changes to the design
process. In this panel, experts working for automotive OEMs or suppliers will share their views on this question, trying to underline which problems they consider as solved, which problems they are struggling with at the moment, and which problems they consider as their next challenges. The audience is invited to join the discussion in a common effort to identify the relevant research questions that should be tackled by the real-time community.


  • Hermann von Hasseln, Daimler AG
  • Anthony Husson & Naveen-Kumar Peddi, Renault SAS
  • Tasuku Ishigooka, Hitachi Ltd.
  • Kai Lampka, Elektrobit Automotive GmbH